Voute Route Utrecht – English

Welcome to the Club Lam Route in Utrecht!

Step into the footsteps of remarkable women and uncover a piece of the rich history of this beautiful city. Simply follow the route on the map and explore various captivating locations that have a compelling story to tell.

At each spot, a video awaits you, which you can find below. Additionally, we’ve gathered some valuable tips for you. With these, you can not only savor the history but also enjoy charming shops and delightful eateries you’ll encounter along the way.

This route takes approximately 60 minutes, but feel free to take your time. Immerse yourself in the city and its history, and let yourself be inspired by the tales of remarkable women who have left their mark here.

At location A, the Ganzenmarkt, you’ll find the Club Lam container. Here, the theater performance “Vote” will be playing on the following dates:

10 sept 12.00, 13.30, 15.00

12 sept 19.30
13 sept 19.30
14 sept 19.30, 21.00
15 sept 19.30, 22.00

Enjoy your journey!

Location B

Location C

Location D

Location E

Location F

Location G

Location H